Short Leg Studio is an arts and game production company located in Tacoma, Washington.  Our philosophy is to have fun and to take care of people.  Life is short, make it fun!

Jennevieve Schlemmer has an extensive background in sculpture, public art, and fiber arts.  But her main love is drawing.  She loves to play board games and RPGs and enjoys the novels of Guy Gavriel Kay and Iain M Banks.  You can find more of her work at Jennevieve.com.

Trevor Redfern has been programming and gaming since the day his dad brought home a C-64. He loves games of all styles from hearts to chess to Axis and Allies. He also enjoys composing music and drinking too much coffee.

Short Leg Studio wouldn't be Short Leg without our original short leg, Oskar the Corgi!  Our mascot, our muse, our companion, he always keeps us smiling!